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About us


Under the sun is an association of organic aromatic herbs producers. Together our productions add up to 34 ha. We are the largest exporters of aromatic herbs in Portugal. We have a very high quality production and we follow the principles of biological agriculture thoroughly. We are certified by ECOCERT and we only produce organic certified plants.


Our productions are located in south Portugal, between Mafra and Grandola in Alentejo. We produce over black geotextile canvas, this way we are able to control weeds, maintain soil structure and obtain a very high level of quality since the plants are not in direct contact with the soil. Our method of harvest is line by line using a tea harvesting machine avoiding plant crushing and soil compression, like heavier harvesting machines apply. The entire process is monitored during production, harvest, drying and dispatch, so it is possible to have total traceability of our products. We are oriented to exportation, having 90% of our production exported.


You can check our products here and we are also available to produce other products by order, for example hyssop. For more information and to order please click here.

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