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Our productions are located in south Portugal, between Setúbal and Reguengos de Monsaraz in Alentejo. We produce over black geotextile canvas, this way we are able do control weeds, mantain soil structure and obtain a very high level of quality since the plants are not in direct contact with the soil. Our method of harvest is line by line using a tea harvesting machine avoiding plant crushing and soil compression, like heavier harvesting machines apply. The entire process is monitored during production, harvest, drying and dispatch, so it is possible to have total traceability of our products.

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Mentha piperita - Peppermint

Mentha spicata Rotundifolia - Apple Spearmint

Mentha spicata - Spearmint (Green)

Origanum majorana - Marjoram

Origanum vulgare - Oregano

Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm

Satureja montana - Winter Savory

Aloysia thripylla - Lemon Verbena

Artemisia dracunculus - French Tarragon

Stevia rebaudiana - Stevia (natural sustitute for sugar)

Thymus vulgaris - Thyme

Thymus citriodurus - Lemon Thyme

Thymus mastichina - Iberian Thyme

Laurus nobilis - Bay Leaves

Rosmarinus officinalis - Rosemary

Salvia officinalis - Sage

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Essential Oils - We produce all of our product list in essential oil under order
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